OZ Alu : The partition in all its forms

For over 40 years we have been conceiving and making modular aluminum framed partitions – joint strip partition, partitions in bars, semi-bars, or put to dimension ready to install.
Whether you come from an industrial, tertiary or private sector, all of our experts remain available in order to offer an easy, simple and most of all personalised solution according to your needs.

OZ Alu presents an unprecedented and unique offer : the ready to install and custom made partition.

The time of dimensionings et debits has come to an end. We take care of everything including the delivery of the products on the construction site. All you have to do is put it up ! know more



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About us :

A team of experts here to advise you on the best partition solution.

  • 40 years : constantly changing.

    Since 1840, the company has been working on aluminum in all shapes and from 1974 decided to dedicate itself exclusively to removable partitions in aluminum frames. 40 years later, OZ Alu conceives, produces, stores, machines and delivers its partitions in France and internationally to industrial and tertiary sectors.

  • A story of innovation

  • Oz Alu started to commercialize merchant profiles with aluminum finish and created very rapidly a first partition range, Series 65, the framed partition.

  • The company launches a second range, ECOZAL, lining partitions, chassis and door frames.

  • Launch of MISTRAL 85 range, cover clip partition.

  • Until 2010, Oz Alu offers a variety of ranges Series 65 and Mistral 85 : Bora-Bora, Verlisse, Clarté.

  • Our team of professionals accompanies you for the whole length of your project from plan elaboration with a 3D overview to delivery and help for the assembly on the construction site.

    And for more efficiency, our technical experts are particularly attentive to providing a cost estimation in less than 48 hours. Regarding the delivery, we guarantee a 72 hour time period for stored ranges and offer a delivery to the desired site for bars, pre-machined or machined ready to install. !
    Because after all, our goal is to ease your layout !

  • Launch of our new website.

    We adapt our communication support system in order to keep accessible from your desk as well as on the field. Our documents can be downloaded on any of your devices to become your “nomadic” partner.

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